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GraphQL CMS alternatives in 2018

GraphQL is the perfect option for sitebuilding using the decoupled CMS pattern. A well defined, easy to use API format is a clear advantage over product specific REST APIs. What are the best options for a GraphQL CMS going into 2018?

The options can be split into two classes; Traditional CMSes that are self-hosted, with household names like WordPress and Drupal leading the pack. In the other class lies the CaaS options lead by Contentful and Prismic.

Each of these options has some advantages and disadvantages, but put in a nutshell with a CaaS you loose out on flexibility and cost if you have large numbers of content. Then again a CaaS provides a low-overhead way of getting started and sometimes even for free.

For GraphQL enables options here are some of the most interesting options on the market.

Out of these options content publishers with significant will likely be best off with heavy grade hosted options like Drupal or eZ Platform. For more simple content management and simple content models, WordPress will likely be the best options. For lightweight content management needs, like mobile apps, - CaaS products like GraphCMS or Cosmic.js are a perfect fit.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday August 29, 2017

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