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Functional Programming with TypeScript

Functional Programming concepts have become mainstream in JavaScript. TypeScript is often envisioned as a C# inspired extension to JavaScript. C# is heavily Object Oriented, so many developers think FP principles don't mix with TypeScript.

Even though the ES6 syntax brings classes and so forth, Object Oriented Programming is not taking hold in JavaScript in the same way as in #C, Java and other languages. TypeScript as a superset of JavaScript originating from Microsoft would imply that it enforces OOP concepts.

TypeScript does add Interfaces, Generics and other language features known from OOP languages. But these features do not take anything away from the JavaScript roots of TypeScript. In fact the TypeScript compiler itself is built with FP principles.

The type inference and other capabilities are also natively helping with FP, enhancing capabilities over vanilla JavaScript. Learn more about Functional Programming with TypeScript from Sean May at ng-conf 2017, held in Salt Lake City in May in the video below:

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Written by Jorgé on Tuesday July 18, 2017

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