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fit-html is a minimal Web Components framework

Web Components aim to provide the tools needed for contemporary web development as native tools. However, there is now quite a bit of complexity in Polymer, etc. Fit-html is a light weight Web Components framework using lit-html and Redux.

As native Web Component come fully supported in major web browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari they will become utilities like the standard CSS rounded corners. However there will be a need for lighweight utilities to cut down on development time, even with Web Components.

Opinionated frameworks are a great way to define working methods that allow teams to work in the same direction without too much overhead. Good examples are Next.js and Nuxt.js that enable an out-of-the-box Server Side Rendering (SSR) solution on Node.js for React.js and Vue.js JavaScript UI libraries.

Polymer and Skate.js are the biggest players in the Web Components framework / boilerplate, but they aim to be building blocks for building and don't opinionate on templating or state management. This is where fit-html enters and aims to add a few standard pieces.

Fit-html is a framework built on standard Web Components technology, as well as the novel lit-html templating library based on ECMAScript template literals. To add to the mix is Redux, a state management library. Redux is often used with React.js apps, but it is completely decoupled from it. There is no problem using Redux for Web Components state management.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about of fit-html is that the total weight of it is a mere 3 KB. This means that the entire framework is lightweight enough to be downloaded even on dodgy 3G or even 2G frameworks. This is important if you will develop Progressive Web Apps for Mobile Devices. Developing PWAs for devices running KaiOS is a great example.

Learn everything about fit-html from the NPM site:

Written by Jorgé on Friday March 30, 2018

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