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Facebook technology powers WordPress and Drupal with React.js and GraphQL

Facebook has become a large force on the Internet. The social media giant has branched out widely and is investing heavily in Open Source through contributions from database and server level to front end technologies.

During 2015 two prominent web content management systems, Drupal and WordPress have moved towards adopting innovations created by Facebook. WordPress' Calypso backend is already knee deep in Facebook's React.js front end library and the accompanying ecosystem:

With WordPress taking React, Flux and WebPack into use it also gives clarity that this front end development methodology will be rather future proof – even if Facebook would let go of React for one reason or another.
- Introducing WordPress Calypso

During the fall Drupal adopted Facebook's 2010 innovaltion, BigPipe. It has also become more more apparent that the Open Source CMS is also looking into GraphQL, yet another Facebook innovation:

You can already see other Open Source software starting to capitalize on some of the other Facebook innovations; The future of Drupal may well be Facebook powered with BigPipe and hints from GraphQL. Popularising existing technology is something Drupal has a strong history with.
Facebook is an Open Source Powerhouse

Drupal's Facebook adoption continues in the New Orleans DrupalCon with Dries Buytaert promoting GraphQL as Drupal's futurure and a session on GraphQL itself.

 It's a great time to be a developer, largely thanks to the technology invented in companies like Facebook and then shared to projects, which themselves are not so open to sharing beyond their own projects.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday May 14, 2016

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