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Benchmarking HTTP/2

Developers often need to do some throughput testing to test performance of the web services and REST APIs they use. In this space developer still continue to rely on older tools like Siege and Apache Bench - even if they don't use the Apache HTTP server itself. 

Some more contemporary options are nowadays available and an overview has been published with some insight into the different tools, with hey load generator coming out on top:

Out of these tools h2load and hey continue to be in active development, where as wrk has received little attention over the course of 2017. From the three tools I found hey to be the easiest to install and providing best reporting - so I have settled on using it for my benchmark needs as of December 2017.
Modern HTTP Benchmarking Tools ready for 2018 – h2load, hey & wrk

Next time you are looking to do some throughput benchmarking, go ahead and give a thought to alternatives to the tools you've been using for years.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday December 2, 2017

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