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Aurelia 1.0 released

Aurelia is a contemporary front end framework spearheaded by Rob Eisenberg, a former Angular2 team member. The project aims to deliver a front end framework similar to Angular, but different in implementation. Unlike React.js, a view library with a rich ecosystem, Aurelia provides a full stack solution for web application development.

Earlier this summer Rob Eisenberg did an interesting comparison of different JavaScript frameworks, but at that point the Aurelia framework itself was still undergoing active development aiming for the first point-oh release.

Finally on the 27th of July the first stable version of Aurelia was released to the wild:

It's been an amazing journey to get here and it couldn't have happened without the feedback of thousands of community members, the contributions from hundreds of developers and the guidance of our core team. It's a special day in the history of our project. Today I'm proud to announce the official Aurelia 1.0 Release!
Aurelia 1.0 is Here!!!

Like Angular and Vue.js, Aurelia offers a complete solution framework. The list of plugins even in the first version is quite exhaustive, with anumations, binding, WebPack build system, routing, fetch API, logging, i18n and more in the standard distribution.

While mindshare is still owned by Angular and React.js, Aurelia seems like a valid option. And while the above mentioned comparison talk was somewhat controversial, many of the claims made were absolutely spot on. With Aurelia being backed by a software development company.

Instead of an ad agency (Google) or a gossip site (Facebook), the long term motivations are different. With a crew of some twenty people, the Aurelia team has created a worthy option for front end development.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday July 27, 2016

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