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Angular 2 Universal Rendering support coming for PHP / Twig

Great news! The Angular 2 and Drupal development teams are working together to bring Angular 2 Universal Rendering to PHP developers:

The big news here is that the Angular and Drupal teams are working together to bring this to Twig and PHP - not just Drupal developers. Twig is a popular templating engine for PHP. It stems from the same people as the Symfony project is used in many different products, including the Symfony Full Stack Framework.

Thsi is truly great as PHP continues to power large parts of the web and while available, Universal JavaScript in PHP using Node.js remain a bit sketchy. But with an official PHP library for rendering Angular 2 Framework applications on the server side, it'd be much easier to do.

Source: Drupal team working on Angular 2 Universal support for Twig / PHP

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday March 29, 2016

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