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A static site generator built with React: Antwar

Static HTML is a very safe method for hosting content with high performance and a high level of security. Static HTML obviously means generating a bunch of HTML files that will be served as is, without additional database or other tools.

At the dawn of the web most of the content served online was static HTML. This was built using editors like Dreamweaver, Notepad or anything in between. Nowadays creating static sites no longer means lenghty copy-paste operations. There are many tools to allow creation of static sites for a number of languages.

Some notable examples are Jekyll, MetalSmith and Spress. They can be used either with markup files as a source or then even a hosted content API such as Contentful, Medium or These together with highly dynamic front end capabilities of Modern JavaScript allow flexible content management and rich user experiences.

Antwar is a static site generator built on the popular React.js library. It allows developers to achieve the same results as Jekyll and the others, but by leveraging their existing knowledge of React. It comes with full support for JS, JSX and CoffeeScript and allows flexible creation of themes using React Components.

Learn more about Antwar on the github site, where the latest development is visible:

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday August 3, 2016

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