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A simplistic boilerplate for full stack React Development

Working with JavaScript is pretty hectic in 2015. The advancement in the area have been rapid and it's been hard to find a technology that is stable enough.

The YUI framework from Yahoo! was quite mature, but it was further development of it phased out in August 2015. Angular seemed to be on it's way to be a de-facto standard, but since the confusion between versions it's been losing some momentum.

React from Facebook seems to have quite a bit of staying power for user interfaces, and Flux as a pattern has been generally accepted as a valid concept. There are, in fact quite a few Flux implementations around.

A simple and modern full stack starting point

In addition to multiple frameworks needed for full stack JavaScript development, there are multiple supporting technologies as well. Grunt, Gulp and Webpack are the most relevant build systems around today. There is also Babel.js, a transpiler that allows you to write ECMAScript 2016 (and beyond) before widespread browser support.

Setting up a stack with these (and a whole lot more), just to get started is a daunting task. This simplistic Web Development with JS boilerplate from Mikko Forsström & Panu Leppäniemi is a great place to start working with a full stack React and Express application. It comes loaded with the latest and greatest, but aims to be simple and low overhead.

Go on and check it out on Github and get started:

Written by Jorgé on Thursday October 22, 2015

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