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A Simple Angular 2 Boilerplate

Front end development has become increasingly about configuration and setting up a development environment. Gone are the days when you fired up notepad and started working. Now you need to spend hours before you get started with producing actual code. Or do you?

AngularClass is a great community for learning Angular web development. They recently announced a starter kit with a fancy litania of technologies like Angular 2 (Router, Http, Forms, Services, Tests, E2E, Dev/Prod), Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Istanbul, TypeScript, TsLint, Typings, and Webpack...

This might sound intimidating at first, but the guys have really put together a simple way to get started with Angular2 in a full featured way. This is very similar to the Simplistic React Boilerplate discussed earlier on this site.

So instead of trying to figure out how to get started with Angular 2 development, step right in and get started with Angular2 Webpack Starter!

Written by Jorgé on Monday March 7, 2016

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