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A PHP CMS with Symfony and React.js: eZ Platform

eZ Platform is the first iteration of a new generation of content management products from eZ Systems. Building on top the stable Symfony Framework the product has a comprehensive REST API. The administration interface itself is built using this very same API.

React.js and accompanying technologies are gathering a lot of developer mindshare and seem to be the sanest choice for UI development at this moment. eZ Platform uses the Alloy editor for content editing interfaces. Alloy in turn uses React.js, so the eZ Platform admin is already React powered.

eZ Platform is very feature complete and allows a stable platform for content editing. For application development, the full power of the Symfony Framework is at your disposal. eZ Platform simply adds a layer of content management features ontop of Symfony.

The product is due out in late 2015 and is accompanied by closed source functionalities integrating Marketing Automation and Analytics tools to the Open Source Content Management System. eZ Platform source code on Github.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday December 2, 2015

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