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ShadyCSS support lands in ES6 templating library lit-html

Image: 2018-02/lit-html-shadow.png

Starting from version 3.0 the Polymer Web Components utilities will standardize on JavaScript best practises. One of the areas is templating, where Polymer is set to leverage native ES6 template literals.

Written by Jorgé on Friday February 2, 2018

VS Code to autocomplete JavaScript class 'this' properties automatically

Image: 2018-02/vs-code-logo.png

Visual Studio Code is on a roll. The simple code editor from Microsoft is winning hearts and minds. The out of the box configuration seems to have hit a good balance between functionality and usability. A new small, but significant feature will land to VS Code in 2018.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday February 1, 2018

Privacy focused Turing Phone maker to go bust?

Image: 2018-02/tri-logo.png

Turing Robotic Industries is a company that has been designing and manufacturing privacy focused Turing Phone devices since 2015. After years of delays, the company finally delivered in the fall with the Turing Appassionata. Now the company's future is unclear.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday February 1, 2018

Project Detroit seeks to bring the V8 JavaScript engine to OpenJDK

Image: 2018-02/javascript-logo.png

OpenJDK is the Open Source Java runtime. The project organisation is now ushering in a new project known as "Detroit". The name is a reference to the plan of integrating the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine to the JVM.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday February 1, 2018

Peachpie online REPL transpiles PHP to C# on the fly

Image: 2018-01/peachpie-logo.png

Peachpie is a project that allows developers to run PHP in a .NET environment. The system works so that it transpiles PHP code to C#. This yields benefits in both performance and interoperability with C# libraries.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday February 1, 2018

Urql promises to simplify using GraphQL in React

Image: 2018-01/urql-logo.png

React continues to dominate the JavaScript scene. The Facebook library is now used at Microsoft, Apple and virtually every start up out there. Another force to recon with is GraphQL, something that looks to dominate REST going into 2018. Urql is a new library to ease working with the stack.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday January 31, 2018

Linux Kernel 4.15 patches Meltdown and Spectre v2

Image: 2018-01/linux-meltdown.png

An update to the Linux Kernel has been released. A week later than scheduled, the release 4.15 brings mitigations to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday January 31, 2018

Microsoft disables Windows Spectre fix in an update

Image: 2018-01/spectre-disabled-windows.jpg

Almost a month after the mayhem caused by flaws in processor chips from Intel and AMD, the latest move from Microsoft is to disable the fix. From the two vulnerability variants Meltdown and Spectre. The latest update disables the Spectre mitigations.

Written by Jorgé on Monday January 29, 2018

WebAssembly vs JavaScript - Streaming Compilation Performance Advantage

Image: 2018-01/webassemby-vs-javascript-streaming-compilation.png

WebAssembly slowly started to seep into the minds of mainstream web developers. The lower level alternative to JavaScript now runs natively in major browsers. Streamin Compilation is a technique that can accelerate execution WebAssembly (aka Wasm) significantly.

Written by Jorgé on Monday January 29, 2018

Conditional Types arriving in TypeScript 2.8

Image: 2018-01/typescript-conditional-typing.png

In a recent Pull Request of TypeScript an interesting feature is coming to the language in 2018. Conditional Typing allows defining types based on conditions, adding more flexibility to the JavaScript based language.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday January 20, 2018