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Cockroach DB and PHP/Hack support

CockroachDB is a Scalable, Geo-Replicated, Transactional Datastore. Like the cockroach it is designed to be distributed and survive a proverbial nuclear war on the web. It could be a very viable technology for deploying global online services with minimal latency and overhead.

Written by Jorgé on Friday September 4, 2015

Twitter Launches Bootstrap 4 Alpha, the next version of the popular Front End Framework

The Facebook dev team has stack given us lots of innovation in the server and in the client domains. With HHVM, Hack, React, Flux, Relay and more they're already knee deep in powering a number of high profile in addition to itself. But there is one area the company has chosen not to invest in: CSS and supporting technologies such as SASS or LESS.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday August 19, 2015

Facebook's Relay and how it relates to Flux and React

The technical preview of Facebook's Relay was launched early this week. It is fully Open Source and available on Github today. But what exactly is Relay and how does it relate to React and Flux?

Written by Jorgé on Sunday August 16, 2015

PHP is Java, Hack is Scala

Image: 2015-07/1437672864_shack.png

Java Virtual Machine as a platform seems to have gone through a renaissance, not exactly the same as PHP, but similar. Somehow languages ranging from Scala to Clojure to Ruby are raising the JVM fever. And this all makes sense.

Over the years there has been tremendous investment to JVM as a platform. The original JVM language, Java, might seem stale to some - but the shared runtime allows inheriting this heritage with new syntax and paradigms.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday July 23, 2015

3D Photo Augmentation with CSS3 and the Matrix Construction Kit

Image: 2015-07/3dee.jpg

CSS has come a long way in helping web designers and developers to reach the kind of richness allowed by print layouts. Now we can go a step further by augmenting 3D transformations into our photos, giving them motion graphics not possible in a static media.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday July 19, 2015

Nuclide is the React & Hack IDE you have been looking for

Image: 2015-07/screen-shot-2015-07-18-at-23.40.29.png

Hack is a programming language for the HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM), created by Facebook as a dialect of PHP. The language implementation is open source, licensed under the BSD License.

While it is close to PHP it is not that exactly and can move away from the realm altogether as it progresses. In modern web development you'll need an IDE to keep your project organized and help you perform routine tasks easily.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday July 18, 2015