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WebAssembly will Break the JavaScript Monopoly

Image: 2016-03/wasm3.png

Since the 1990s the only standard language available to developers targeting the web developers has been JavaScript. This is a great thing and has lead to the thriving JavaScript ecosystem we have today. This has been a given for over two decades, but with WebAssembly it could change.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday March 22, 2016

React v15.0 RC released with full SVG support

Since the dawn of time the web has relied on bitmap images. For photos and othe use cases bitmaps obviously continue to be the best format, but for many cases vector graphics have advantages. Browsers now have good support for SVG and with the newly released React version so does the JavaScript view library from Facebook.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday March 8, 2016

A Simple Angular 2 Boilerplate

Front end development has become increasingly about configuration and setting up a development environment. Gone are the days when you fired up notepad and started working. Now you need to spend hours before you get started with producing actual code. Or do you?

Written by Jorgé on Monday March 7, 2016

ReactiveX in JavaScript and PHP: RxJS and RxPHP

ReactiveX is a library that helps developers work with asynchronous development by hiding things like threading, thread-safety considerations and non-blocking I/O. All of this is made available for multiple different languages.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday February 6, 2016

Nuclide IDE receives major 0.111.0 update

The Nuclide IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from Facebook received a significant upgrade with version 0.111.0.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday January 14, 2016

Choosing between React vs. Angular 2

In 2015 React.js became the epitome of cool and Angular.js turned from everyone's favourite front end framework to a horrible two-way databinding monster. Obviously that's all overstated and Angular 1.x continues to function just as well as it did in 2014 and solves a lot of problems.

Written by Jorgé on Saturday January 9, 2016