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Microsoft Office rewrite in React.js nears completion

Image: 2018-06/1528973536_microsoft-react.png

The whole of Microsoft Office 365 software suite is being rewritten in React.js. This was revealed on Twitter in a thread bashing scripting languages for being unsuitable for creating complex applications.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday June 14, 2018

Polymer 3.0 released at I/O, accelerates PWA development

Image: 2018-05/polymer-30.png

Since it's announcement at a special event in August 2017, the Polymer team at Google has been hard at work implementing the changes to make the system more inline with standard JavaScript development practises.

Written by Jorgé on Friday May 11, 2018

What's new in TypeScript: Anders Heljsberg at Build 2018

Image: 2018-05/typescript-2018.jpg

At the annual Microsoft Build 2018 developer conference Anders Hejlsberg had a session on the state of TypeScript. This is beginning to be an annual State of TypeScript talk, as there was a similar talk at Build 2017.

Written by Jorgé on Friday May 11, 2018

Wappalyzer stats indicate PHP has a 82% marketshare in 2018

Image: 2018-05/php-world.png

PHP is the language both loved and hated. The most popular server side programming language has never had a good reputation among many developers. There's been "a PHP killer" in the works more times as there's been "an iPhone killer".

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday May 9, 2018

Browser cryptocurrency mining malware is common

Image: 2018-05/chrome-bitcoin-miner.png

Since it's inception in 2009 Bitcoin has been hailed as a free currency suitable for the internet. Since it's huble beginnings the digital currency was first widely adopted for trading drugs and other illicit substances.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday May 9, 2018

JavaScript modules (ESM) now supported by major browsers

Image: 2018-05/javascript-modules.jpg

Using ECMAScript modules from ES6 / ES2015 has been a daily for many developers for many years using module bundlers like Webpack. With the Release of Firefox 60 stable, ECMAScript modules are now supported in all major browsers - out of the box.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday May 9, 2018

File rename refactoring coming to TypeScript

Image: 2018-05/typescript-rename-refactoring.png

TypeScript often though of being just a type system for JavaScript, similar to Flow. But the reality is that the language features are only part of the picture. The tooling for refactoring, etc. where it's at.

Written by Jorgé on Friday May 4, 2018

Four new critical Spectre CPU vulnerabilities uncovered

Image: 2018-05/spectre-ng.jpg

The year 2018 started of with a security bang. The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in Intel and other CPUs shook the world. By end of April these were largely mitigated by software and hardware vendors. In early May news of new vulnerabilities were unearthed.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday May 3, 2018

Drupal React.js admin update

Image: 2018-04/drupal-react.png

Late in 2017 it was announce d that Drupal would start using React.js for it's interface. Now this has progressed and therea resome examples available online from the team working on merging Drupal with React.js.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday April 24, 2018