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JSON schema Powered React.js forms

Image: 2016-06/json-schema.jpg

React is a popular front end technology, originally started as a mere view layer but it has since grown into a whole ecosystem covering many aspects of web application development. One of the most painful points of web development continues to be forms

Written by Jorgé on Sunday May 22, 2016

JavaScript back to basics: You might not need React or Angular 2

Image: 2016-05/javascript.png

JavaScript has grown into a mighty force in web development. It has grown from being to add some interaction to driving complex applications on web sites and directly in web applications as well as in operating systems with even development tools such as Atom and Visual Studio Code being built with it.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday May 1, 2016

JavaScript itself is Conservative

Image: 2016-04/horse-js-400x400.png

Sometimes it seems like the most advanced technologies are the ones that continuously evolve and break backwards compatibility.

JavaScript has for the last years been in this constant state of improvement, where every week applications break down if you update dependencies to the latest versions.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday April 24, 2016

WebAssembly will Break the JavaScript Monopoly

Image: 2016-03/wasm3.png

Since the 1990s the only standard language available to developers targeting the web developers has been JavaScript. This is a great thing and has lead to the thriving JavaScript ecosystem we have today. This has been a given for over two decades, but with WebAssembly it could change.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday March 22, 2016