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The future of PHP 8 unclear

Image: 2018-10/php-8-0.png

The PHP language has been a venerable war horse for much of the web development community. The first web native programming language continues to power the majority of the web, but in recent times it is facing a lot of competition. What does the future hold for PHP, including the 8.0 version?

Written by Jorgé on Friday October 19, 2018

What is the best GraphQL library for PHP in 2019?

Image: 2018-10/graphql-php.png

The GraphQL momentum has continued strong throughout 2018. After three years of being released as open source by the dev team at Facebook, the protocol is now nearly ubiquitious.

Written by Jorgé on Friday October 19, 2018

Vulnerabilities in elevator control system disclosed

Image: 2018-09/kone-logo.png

Multinational elevator and escalator manufacturer KONE has revealed that it's control system was found to contain serious vulnerabilities. On September fifth, the company disclosed a series of vulnerabilities in it's KONE Group Controller (KGC) software.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday September 12, 2018

wget2 adds HTTP/2 downloads, brotli compression and IPv6

Image: 2018-07/gnu-wget2.png

The GNU software tools are a staple of using command line Unix like applications. One of the common oneis wget for HTTP downloads. Wget been stable for eons and has received few feature updates. Wget2 in development will change this.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday July 12, 2018

PHP 8 JIT benchmark

JIT for PHP has been in the cars for some time now. Originally PHP 7 explored the idea of JIT for adding performance, but this was abandoned because of lack of meaningful improvements for real world applications. However the HHVM from runtime that is largely PHP compatible.

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday June 26, 2018

Microsoft Office rewrite in React.js nears completion

Image: 2018-06/1528973536_microsoft-react.png

The whole of Microsoft Office 365 software suite is being rewritten in React.js. This was revealed on Twitter in a thread bashing scripting languages for being unsuitable for creating complex applications.

Written by Jorgé on Thursday June 14, 2018

Polymer 3.0 released at I/O, accelerates PWA development

Image: 2018-05/polymer-30.png

Since it's announcement at a special event in August 2017, the Polymer team at Google has been hard at work implementing the changes to make the system more inline with standard JavaScript development practises.

Written by Jorgé on Friday May 11, 2018

What's new in TypeScript: Anders Heljsberg at Build 2018

Image: 2018-05/typescript-2018.jpg

At the annual Microsoft Build 2018 developer conference Anders Hejlsberg had a session on the state of TypeScript. This is beginning to be an annual State of TypeScript talk, as there was a similar talk at Build 2017.

Written by Jorgé on Friday May 11, 2018

Wappalyzer stats indicate PHP has a 82% marketshare in 2018

Image: 2018-05/php-world.png

PHP is the language both loved and hated. The most popular server side programming language has never had a good reputation among many developers. There's been "a PHP killer" in the works more times as there's been "an iPhone killer".

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday May 9, 2018

Browser cryptocurrency mining malware is common

Image: 2018-05/chrome-bitcoin-miner.png

Since it's inception in 2009 Bitcoin has been hailed as a free currency suitable for the internet. Since it's huble beginnings the digital currency was first widely adopted for trading drugs and other illicit substances.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday May 9, 2018