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A universal Web Components catalog launched

Image: 2017-01/web-components-logo.png

Web Components are a standards based option for web development. Major browsers are in process of adopting the technology and there are libraries such as SkateJS and Polymer that make it feasible to deploy today. A new catalog platform for web components was launched on January 10th 2017.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday January 11, 2017

Google Analytics spam wave in late 2016

Image: 2016-12/ga.png

Towards the end of the year 2016 many users have been delighted to see a significan uptic in their Google Analytics visitors. You might think it's attributable to your marketing or simply the christmas season. But like many things, if it seems to good to be true - it probably isn't.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday December 14, 2016

Angular 4 coming in 2017, to be backwards compatible with Angular 2

Image: 2016-12/angular-solidblack-2-.png

Angular 2 was a major rewrite of the most popular JavaScript frameworld in the world. The effort was huge and took a number of years to complete. During this time the product evolved into something completely different from what Angular 1.x was.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday December 14, 2016

Polymer Web Components and TypeScript

Image: 2017-01/typescript-polymer.png

Polymer is a project from Google that aims to help adopting Web Component standards easier. As you may know, Google is also working on a client side library called Angular.

Angular is written in TypeScript, a language that builds on top of JavaScript but adds features. But what is the relation of TypeScript and Polymer today?

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday December 13, 2016

Finnish flagship carrier Finnair consolidates on Angular

Image: 2016-12/finnair-angular.png

Finnair, the flagship carrier of Finland recently kickstarted an ambitious venture to the digital world. The company is hiring 70 digital specalists, including inhouse developers to work with Java, Node.js and Angular.

Written by Jorgé on Monday December 12, 2016

Mixing Angular 2 and Polymer Web Components

Image: 2016-11/vaadin-logo-2.png

Single page application frameworks written in JavaScript will need to work well will emerging web standards like Web Components. The Finnish company Vaadin has created a package that enables this with Angular 2 and the Polymer library, both from Google.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday November 30, 2016

React vs. Svelte, the JavaScript build-time framework

Image: 2016-11/svelte.png

Svelte is a new way to build UIs on the web. While this may sound like it's been done many times before, Svelte has a different approach. Instead of pushing the complexity of the UI generation and maintenance in form of browser abstractions, Svelte works completely at compile time.

Written by Jorgé on Wednesday November 30, 2016

Koa 2, the Node.js framework engineered for async/await

Image: 2016-11/koa-20.png

The scene for Node.js developers for a general purpose framework has been fairly stable. Express.js continues to be the number one option, but it is growing a bit long in the tooth and the future of Express remains murky.

Written by Jorgé on Sunday November 27, 2016

Web Components and SEO

Image: 2016-11/web-components.png

Search continues to be the top driver of traffic to a large majority of websites. While Facebook and other social media platform are growing, good visibility in search results (SERP) continues to be crucial.

So how to make sure you stay on top in results in the fast-moving web development scene with adoption of standards like Web Components?

Written by Jorgé on Tuesday November 22, 2016